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Joseph has always had difficulty following instructions and when left unsupervised, often chose mischief to occupy himself.  Written in first person, The Mystery of the Green Stone magically takes Josef to a strange realm where he must solve problems on his own while dealing with conflicting emotions.  He discovers how important following instructions is and what caring for someone else really means. This exciting adventure, full of fun and daunting experiences leaves our hero feeling emotionally secure for the first time in his young life.

REVIEWS: "I just received the book......Thank you so much.  I have read the first few pages and it is wonderful.....I think I will share this book with my class....It really makes me smile to see that someone has been able to use their talents to touch the hearts, minds and souls of others."  Jill, Special Education Teacher, Bloomingdale, Ohio

"The Mystery of the Green Stone" is a very entertaining and meaningful story set in a classic format.  The reader is captured with the story in the first few lines.  Written in first person, the reader takes on the role of Josef, the main character, as he is suddenly cast into a reality far distant from his daily life as a troubled and difficult boy.  Through a fast moving adventure, he learns lessons about taking responsibility for himself and others and overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve a goal.  He learns to appreciate having and being a friend.  He finds out he does not have to be limited by his past behavior and attitudes and that he has more control over his actions than he ever imagined.  He also learns to accept help and welcome instruction.  In the end, he learns that a passion for doing the right thing can negate fear of failure and cause an ordinary person to become extraordinary and that negativity is truly a monster.  This is a must read for a troubled child and a very healthy read for any child."  Ellen Pate, Grandmother of five

"I wish to thank you for the wonderful book that my mother shared with me and my son Garrett.  The Mystery of the Green Stone is a wonderful book.  As a fourth grade teacher I have to say that I feel that Josef is a character that many of the students I work with could relate to and identify with.  The story line is clear and believable.  I love your use of vocabulary, you have used words that will help to stretch the minds of young readers.  It is definately a book I would like to add to my classroom library.  Thank you again for a book well done."  Sincerely, Chris Sommerkamp, Columbus, Ohio

REVIEWS (CONT.) From Garrett - age 12:  "I like how the book jumps right in and gets you started in the story from the very beginning.  I was pulled by Josef's unique world of his own.  The mystery surrounding the great beasts is intriguing.  I like the fact that Josef insn't just your average boy, he is a boy with struggles to overcome, just like me.  I think it is cool that he plays the trombone and so do I.  Thanks for a wonderful book."

AUTHOR'S STATEMENT: The creative process of bringing an idea to fruition, of seeing a thought become reality, has always been a joy. When I needed a gift for my then thirteen year old Grandson who has Aspergers Syndrome, it was a blessing to present him with "The Mystery of the Green Stone". His overwhelming enthusiasm upon reading this story prompted its publication.
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